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At Organization INK, we take pride in the positive impacts our services have on businesses across various industries. Below, you’ll find a collection of testimonials from our clients who have experienced first-hand the benefits of partnering with us. These stories highlight the tangible improvements in efficiency, productivity, and overall business success that our services have helped achieve. Read on to see how we can help transform your business too.

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Our small family retail business had been struggling through a transitional period as well as a very severe winter that negatively impacted our business. We hired Organization Ink to review our processes and assist us in getting our financial house in order. The very first morning Carolann started, she was on the phone resolving a significant issue with one of our creditors and quickly worked out a payment plan for us. In the six months she has been with us she has set up proper accounting procedures, negotiated better payment terms with vendors, helped us implement more effective and less costly marketing strategies and taught our office assistant how to perform a wide variety of tasks properly. There is no doubt that Carolann has helped get our business on a much firmer footing and as we move forward we feel confident that it will continue to improve. Last but not least, she always acts in our best interest, even if it means she no longer has to dedicate the same number of hours since she has straightened out so much for us.

— Louise R.

I would recommend Organization Ink to any business needing professional and accurate bookkeeping services. Carolann really knows the ins and outs of running the internal parts of a business. Carolann has organized my business freeing up more time for me to develop more work. She understands business laws and taxes and has helped to develop employee manuals and time tables for tax payments. Carolann has a very friendly attitude with employees and I trust her 100% with my books. Organization Ink is worth every penny. Organization Ink will make you more money.

— Lee S.

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Carolann Strickling
President, Chief Executive Officer
Organization INK, Inc.

Case Studies

At Organization INK, we believe that real-world examples speak volumes about the effectiveness of our services. Below, you’ll find a selection of case studies that showcase our commitment to excellence and the tangible results we’ve achieved for our clients. Each case study highlights our strategic approach to overcoming challenges and delivering customized solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Dive into these success stories to see how we’ve helped businesses streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth across various industries.

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Restaurant Case Study

A local upscale restaurant, in business for over 20 years, experienced a significant reduction in sales activity during the winter months resulting in poor cash flow. When coupled with the discovery that owner’s business partner had not paid meals or payroll taxes, the restaurant’s financial situation took a critical turn. After an attempt by the owner to manage the situation, his CPA recommended he engage Organization Ink as his new bookkeeper/business manager.
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Retail Case Study

A Business Manager left the retail store after running the business for 10 years without owner supervision. The owners stepped back into an operational role and asked Organization INK to provide part-time bookkeeping for the business. The owners agreed that Organization INK needed to conduct a full financial review, restore the business to financial stability, and determine a future plan to close, retain or sell the business.
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