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At Organization INK, we understand that meticulous and dependable bookkeeping is crucial for the smooth operation and growth of your business. Our specialized bookkeeping services ensure you have accurate and timely financial data at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward. Entrust your financial management to us and experience peace of mind knowing that your books are in expert hands.

Our Team of Expert Professionals

Our certified bookkeepers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in various industries, ensuring that your financial operations are handled expertly.

Advanced Bookkeeping Technology

We leverage state-of-the-art bookkeeping technology to deliver highly efficient and secure processing of your financial data, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality.

Unwavering Confidentiality for Your Financial Data

We uphold strict confidentiality protocols and employ robust security measures to protect your financial information, ensuring data integrity and preventing unauthorized access.

Vendor Management

We handle everything from setting up new vendor accounts to the meticulous entry of vendor invoices and other expenses. Our bill pay service ensures timely payment of all vendor invoices and other expenses. We also assist with the negotiation of terms and payment plans to optimize your cash flow. Plus, receive reports detailing unpaid and paid bills on a regular basis to keep you informed and on top of your accounts payable (AP).

Bank Account Management

Ensure your bank accounts are meticulously managed with our bank account management services. We monitor your daily balance to keep a vigilant eye on your cash flow. Our team handles all aspects of making deposits and managing account transfers efficiently, ensuring funds are properly allocated and available when needed. We also perform detailed reconciliations of your bank statements to confirm that all transactions are accurately recorded, and your financial records are correct.

Monthly Reporting

Receive detailed monthly financial reports for deep insights into your business’s finances. These include an AR Aging report to monitor customer balances and trends, an Expenses by Vendor Summary to track spending, and a Profit & Loss statement for a clear overview of revenues, costs, and profitability.

Customer Management

Optimize your customer relationships with our comprehensive customer management services. We begin by setting up new customer accounts to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Our team generates invoices tailored to your specific needs, whether on-demand, weekly, monthly, or on a recurring basis. We meticulously record payments received to keep your accounts up to date. Additionally, we manage collections to ensure timely payments and maintain your cash flow. You will also receive accounts receivable (AR) aging reports at regular intervals to give you a clear overview of outstanding balances and payment statuses.

Credit Card Management

Manage your company’s credit card transactions with precision through our credit card management services. We record all transactions directly in your accounting application, ensuring every expense is captured accurately. Our team also performs thorough reconciliations of your credit card statements to verify every charge and resolve discrepancies. Additionally, we generate payments for your credit card bills, ensuring they are paid on time to avoid penalties and maintain your credit standing.

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